Fleece Powerwasher


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Microfibre replacement cover for the Leifheit Powerwasher with powerful cleaning properties. The cover of the window washer can be changed quickly and easily thanks to its velcro fastening. Simply slot in the washer, close the velcro fastening and the Powerwasher can once more be used for the extra fast and thorough cleaning of your windows. The unique all round cover cleans window panes, frames and corners in a single step, and its impressive width of 28 cm means that even large windows are gleaming in next to no time. The microfibres ensure that the Leifheit Powerwasher cleans your windows thoroughly: They are particularly good at removing coarse dirt and are capable of absorbing both dirt and water. The microfibre cover can be washed at 40 C.

Microfibre replacement cover for the Leifheit Powerwasher window washer
Unique all round cover
Super easy cleaning of frames and corners
Wiping width 28 cm
With velcro fastening
Package contents: 1-Piece Fleece Powerwasher